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Removing tramlines in Fore St., photograph, early 1950s, Exeter

Photograph of workers removing the tramlines in Fore St., early 1950s, Exeter 

The title of this Express and Echo photograph is misleading. It is clear that the actual road works shown in the picture are being carried out in New Bridge Street. The third shop on the left of photograph is No. 31 New Bridge Street, the shoe shop of John Farmer Ltd. It is now occupied by the Exeter Peace Shop.

The electric tramway system in Exeter opened in April 1905 and was closed down in August 1931, to be replaced by motor buses. It is clear from the photograph that, whilst the overhead electrical equipment was removed, the tracks were left in place after closure. In the late 1960s or early 1970s tram tracks were also revealed during major road works in Sidwell Street, having been covered in tarmac and forgotten for some 40 years. A detailed history of public transport in Exeter can be found in R.C. Sambourne's book, 'Exeter: a history of public transport', published by Glasney Press of Falmouth in 1976. Copies of this work can be consulted in the Devon and Exeter Institution and in the Devon Heritage Centre.

To the right of the picture can be seen the exterior of Yandell's Vaults, one of many traditional public houses that have been lost over the past 60 years. There are few, if any, other pictures of this establishment, which can trace its origins back to 1865. It closed in 1961 and was demolished to make way for the inner bypass scheme. The public house took its name from Robert Yandell, the original proprietor.

Image Details

Date 20th century
Year 1950
Place Exeter
County Devon
Medium Photograph
Format Photograph
Subject Streets
Size 158x209mm
Creator Express & Echo
Publisher Express & Echo
Prints and Drawing Number 02986